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Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's Sunday and . . .

my Red Hat Society chapter "dragged [ourselves] to brunch" at Crocs in Virginia Beach.
Crocs is a local restaurant that is a green (eco-friendly) bistro that features Mediterranean & Middle Eastern fare. On Sundays they have a "Drag yourself to brunch" with drag queen entertainers. I don't remember who recommended we try this but we made reservations well in advance, or so we thought. Today was one gloomy and cold day with mixed precipitation. We dressed in our Red Hat clothing and hats and arrived at the bistro in the rain. Our tables were in the corner, in the back, near the "stage" door. The place has a huge bar set in the middle of the restaurant and we were behind it. Turns out that the entertainers go in and out of the door by our table but do the performing mostly on the other side of the bar, which meant we didn't see much. We could, however, see the DJ from our position and he was hamming it up, dancing along with the performers from his platform. I expected what I consider typical brunch food that is, some breakfast type items with some lighter lunch items. Nope. There were salads, crab cake plates, a burger plate, and a couple appetizers. I got the hot crab dip from the appetizer menu, hoping it would be similar to what I make at home. Not! There was a huge dish of it with tacos chips (?) and while I ate a little of it, I found the taste too strong. My Bellini was strong too! A couple of our group managed some photos of the few entertainers who stopped by our table. As soon as they post to Facebook, I'll make a page to show you. Coming home we stepped into icy water as we went to the car. Rain changed to sleet mixed with a little snow. The change from the warmer weather we'd been having made my lungs unhappy and I coughed pretty much all the way home. Took a little nap and am now having a hot toddy as I write to you.

I'm sorry the link for the first Motocross zip didn't show up. I have edited the previous post and it is showing now. Heard from Kristy requesting I add another color to the swatch, a Kawasaki green
This is what I found on Google. That what you need? Have a second zip for you today:

And here is the first zip of A Purple Pause (couldn't think of a good name):

Hubby's Pittsburgh Steelers are on TV battling the Denver Broncos which is Tyler's girlfriend's team. John is busy yelling, "Throw the ball, Ben!" and talking to the TV. I don't enjoy football so I'm in the computer room with my hot drink. Will have some time to work on these new kits.

Wishing you all a good Sunday.


KM Miller said...

Thank you so very much! I am so looking forward to all the pieces to this kit!

Sorry about the Steelers loss last night.


KM Miller said...

*Not sure if you received this.*


That you would even think about addressing Motocross as a scap set has me beyond giddy! I have 18 years of pictures to digi scrap. Thank you for considering it!!!

Motocross is a high endurance, expensive, extreme sport. Dirt bikes, gear, trailers, trucks and really good insurance are needed. ;) Dirt bikes are made by Honda (red, black & white), Yamaha (blue & white), Suzuki (yellow, black & white), KTM (orange & black), and Kawasaki (green, white & black). Of course the pro riders have customized bikes. The bike, bike maintenance and parts, and gear (which consists of helmet, goggles, gloves, pants, jersey, boots, shin guards, and neck, knee and elbow braces) are all a part of very ride and race.

Ryan Dungy is a motocross rider from MN who is number one in the world. He is featured on the Wheaties box at the moment.

My boys ride every chance they get. Just for fun. Injury and broken bones are common with crashes that occur on the track. The track consists of double and triple jumps, whoops, table tops, straight aways, and corners all made from dirt, clay and sand.

I'm smiling to myself wondering how this all sounds to someone unfamiliar with this sport.

Your talent is appreciated so very much by people like me who are so not creative but enjoy the fun of looking through digital memories that are artfully arranged in some semblance of order.

Blessings to you and your family.


Deb Burroughs said...

Thank you so much for the Purple Pause - I love it!!!