Friday, January 15, 2016

New Freebies in the works

I'm sorry I missed yesterday. Weather has been bouncing around here and I had a severe sinus headache with nausea. Earlier today it was much the same. Then it began raining and with the barometric pressure change, some Benedryl and Tylenol, I almost feel normal!

I got two requests in response to my question about what you would like to see. Kristy needs some papers and elements to scrap motocross photos of her husband and son. I don't know very much about motocross but have done a little research and found this color swatch on COLOURlovers that I think will do:
Since motocross is a dirty sport and primarily masculine (I think), I'm going to go with a grungy, masculine style. At least that is what I'm aiming for. Because I am running behind, I'm going to start giving you "Motocross Fun" a little at a time, starting tonight. Tonight you get one fullsize paper and 2 elements:
Deb would like to see something in purple. Purple reigns supreme in my husband's family with MIL, SIL, and one niece claiming it as their signature color. Of course, there are many shades and tones in the purple color family. I've pulled some color swatches thinking in terms of a largely monochromatic kit, but haven't decided on which way to go. Here are some of those swatches. Some of the swatches, as you can see, have accent colors.
Please indicate which row you like by number or submit a swatch you'd prefer.


Deb Burroughs said...

Wow - these are all pretty! I think I like #3 the most, but #4 is a really close second...

SherryD said...

I hear you. #3 has good contrast, I think. Might even be able to add in a pop of pink, just have to find the right shade. Out of #4 I like the first, sort of wine color, best but don't think I can sneak that into the #3 palette. Hmm, maybe later on I can do something with that wine color and a soft pink and a little white. It reminds me of a favorite piece of fabric from the late 70s- early 80s lol. Will try to get a little something up in your purples later tonight. Any thoughts on a name for swatch 3?

KM Miller said...

You are fabulous! And you are correct in that Motocross is a dirty sport especially on a rainy day!
May I request one more color to the set you are creating? Kawasaki green as my boys ride Kawasaki dirt bikes. I am so very excited and so pleased you decided to tackle this sport.

Hope you are feeling a bit more like yourself soon.

Thank you,


KM Miller said...


I am unable to see the link to the Motocross Fun paper and elements, installment 1. What am I missing? It's so cold in MN maybe my brain is half frozen. ;)