Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday freebies

Running down paperwork for taxes this afternoon. Never fun! Managed to lose the paperwork we needed to fill out for husband's visit to cardiologist tomorrow. I'm terrible about putting things where I will be able to find them and not remembering where that was. Got to get more organized! Seems that so much paper keeps coming in the house that it is difficult to keep up with. Oh well, at least while looking for the medical paperwork, I found my good watch (it had slipped off the chair side table and gotten buried under something) and one of the tax forms I thought had not come yet. That's something, right?

Thought for today:
I think this quotation would be good to start a journal page with. This month I will be taking some of my favorite quotations, chosen at random from a digital file, and use them to start an art journal page.

And today's freebies. For A Purple Pause:

And for Motocross Fun:


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Deb Burroughs said...

The lily cluster is gorgeous - thank you so much for A Purple Pause!