Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What a Day! and Touch Of Color freebie

What a day: didn't sleep well last night so it was a struggle to get up but I had an 11:00 am appointment to fit my new contact lens (hard gas-permeable). I barely made it to the office on time and then had trouble opening my car door. Unlock, push, still closed. After playing with lock several times, I was able to get out of the car. When I checked in, I was told my appointment was for 1:40 pm! Apparently I was remembering the original appointment time for Friday when I had to cancel. Too much time to sit there, not enough to go all the way home. So I drove up to Pembroke and went into the K-Mart there but they didn't have items I was looking for. I did have a book with me, so headed down the street to Wendy's and got an early lunch. Back to eye doc and again trouble with car door. Playing with the lock worked so I figured I'd just have to get my BIL to check it for me at earliest convenience. Picked up contacts and they fit pretty good. Not uncomfortable for first day of wear in over a year. So, I'll just stop at Walmart on the way home, I thought. I wanted to pick up a full zip sweatshirt jacket - nothing fancy - so WalMart seemed a good choice. I get out of the car, hit the door lock and shut the door. No, door just bounced, refused to close. Played with the electronic key fob lock switch, played with the manual switch - no go. Not about to leave the car open. Messed around with the part of lock I could see in the door edge using fingers to try to get it to move, using old key, no go. And doesn't it figure? I'd left my cell phone home because I'd been charging it and was in too much of a hurry when leaving to grab it. What to do? I got back in and tried to put seatbelt through door handle and then fasten it but it wouldn't go that far. Finally, knowing there was a Pep Boys just a couple businesses over & same side of road, I looped the seatbelt through door handle multiple times, pulled it tight and slowly drove over to Pep Boys. Not easy but got there safely. After better than an hour and $50 debited to my credit card, I was able to get in, close door and drive home. They'd had to take the door panel off to unjam the latch, loosened and lubed it. Skipped picking up presriptions because I'd called and left word for husband and didn't want him to be on way to me. Instead, I find him on phone, arguing with Health Equity. Seems the Health Equity account he'd been talked into through his company, has monthly fees once account is below certain level. No one had told us about this. Also, they wanted to charge him a $25 maintence fee just to close it out! Righteous indignation and persistence won out in the end with them agreeing to send him a check for remaining balance and waive fees. Just wait until he tells the other employees about this at Union meeting. Now I'm going to post your Touch Of Color_Red elements and call this day quits. Take out food tonight and TV.

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Stacey said...

oh my - you did have a day! hope tomorrow is better. My hubby went to the doctors early and had to come home and go back (he forgot it was changed), but he didn't have to deal with the whole lock thing. how horrible. glad you got it fixed and safely too.

Thanks so much for the rest of the red kit. one of my fav colors! I love it!