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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Playing around

Halloween seems to be a particular favorite with graphic designers. Every year there are dozens of new kits in the stores and an abundance of freebies. I belong to a Yahoo group, Digital Scrapbook Freebies, and have seen lots of posts about new Halloween freebies, plus I'm posting mine there. I can't say I have one particular favorite from this year but I've collected a few and sometimes get the notion to do a little something with one. I've posted the tag I made with one of Za Za's kits which, I am pleased to say, she liked. While waiting on my father's Sunday visit, I played with a freebie called Chills & Thrills from Miggs. Here is my result:
I enjoy playing with other designer's work and started digi scrapping by joining CT teams which gave me an opportunity to experience the work of a wide range of designers, something I couldn't have otherwise done on a limited budget. Not only does CT work give one a chance to work with designs you might not otherwise have access to, it's a learning experience in terms of going on to make one's own designs. It teaches you about effective color combinations, appropriate sizing of items (although there are times you will deliberately choose to ignore current wisdom on this and create something larger than life scale for effect), what items customers look for in kits, what works and what doesn't. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they would like to become a designer.
At this time I'd like to thank everyone for the lovely comments I've received about my Halloween freebies. Oh, yes, you will get the above cat border in one of the upcoming zips. Hugs!

1 comment:

Stacey said...

love the cats. I am a member of 2 creative teams right now, Designs by Lisa Minor and WinksArt Graphics. I love getting to play with their new kits, plus it keeps me scrapping which is good cause sometimes i need a swift kick to scrap and not just collect - LOL