Monday, October 19, 2015

Oops! Think I forgot to post this freebie?

In recovering from my trip to Atlantic City, I think I forgot to post the elements to A Touch Of Color_Purple?
Link: I know, I could go back and check but lots on my mind at the moment, so will just post.
June "rang the bell" last week, ending her radiation treatments. She's got some radiation burns to recover from and is extremely tired but things look hopeful. We are in something of a dither here as we get everything set for my husband to retire at the end of December. There are choices to be made regarding his pension, papers to file, social security to be dealt with and so on. It's all kind of frightening as we look toward what 2016 will bring. Halloween is approaching fast but it's no big deal here. I'll put out my witch flag and either climb into the attic to find the wooden witch sign I made years ago or just go with a glitter tinsel pumpkin I don't have to track down. We live on a busy street and don't get trick-or-treaters anymore. People take their children to events at local schools, churches and malls now. I had thought I wouldn't make another Halloween scrap kit because I've made so many over the years when I worked for stores. However, I know some of you are very much into the holiday so I decided to play around with some resources I'd collected and maybe make a few things like borders or clusters. Being anxious about all the stuff going on here, I ended up doing a lot of playing with the files I pulled so you will be getting a Halloween Treat kit and a bunch of little themed freebies. Made a bunch of previews last night but still need to pack things up and load to 4shared. Off to start cooking dinner now but expect to be back on tonight and add at least one little Halloween freebie for you. Before I sign off, a note to friend Stacey. I am so sorry to hear of your loss and further bad news about your relative. It's a trying time for you and doesn't help that you are ill too. Sending prayers and healing hugs your way. Hope you feel better soon!

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Stacey said...

Sherri, thank you so much for the beautiful elements!

thanks so very much for the prayers. this has not been a good year in alot of ways. At first we were hopeful, my aunt's cancer was treatable, until they found out it had spread to her brain. She is still undergoing a 3 week treatment of chemo, in the hopes of prolonging her life. She wants to see her grandchildren one more time and we hope to squeeze a visit in to her too. it is just so heartbreaking, I truly hate cancer. on a positive note, I am glad June has made it thru this round of treatments, and I pray she doesn't need anymore. I'm so happy that she is able to undergo the treatments, and hope she can remain strong and fully recover.

I love Halloween and go all out decorating. thank goodness I started in Sept, otherwise, I might not have done it with this stupid bronchitis. I'm almost done with the medications for which i'm glad, because they are giving me bad headaches, so haven't been online too much, as it only aggravates the headaches. we still get alot children in my neighborhood, and I always look forward to seeing the little ones costumes.