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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Catching up and more free papers

Here it is Thursday. Where did the week go? Tuesday was interesting. Our grandson, Tyler turned 17 and, having received his driver's license, was given my husband's Chrysler. We bought the car from a friend's father when Tyler was just a toddler. Tyler went to the bank with my husband to finish the paperwork and when they got home, my husband told me, "One day that car will be Tyler's." Can't wait to get a photo of Tyler driving it. Had meant to put something on blog and facebook Tuesday but we lost power after about 9pm when I would have gone online. There were outages in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach that I know of, Could have been in other local areas too. Dominion Power claimed it was due to "contamination" by saltwater. Something about recent high humidity and rains etc and air coming off the ocean and bay. Odd, I've lived her most of my life and never knew this to happen. Power was out for us until 2:30am Wednesday then went out again about 5:45am for another 4-5 hours! "Papa" delivered the car to Tyler's parents Tuesday afternoon along with a card with a little gas money. I finally got to speak with him yesterday afternoon and look forward to taking him out to dinner on Friday night. Here is the boy who has given us such joy:
I made some nearly solid papers as an add-on to the Halloween kit because I decided there were too many prints. You should be able to use them for autumn kits too.
Link: Other news? Not much. Saw the pulmonologist yesterday and did a walk test. Pulse-ox stayed good but I got out of breath sooner than usual. So, since that is happening more often lately, I was given a new inhaler that only has to be taken once a day and is a powder, making it easier to use than the pressurized sprays. I'm to give it a month and see if it improves my breathing.
I'm done with Halloween for this year! More Halloween already scheduled for Friday and Saturday. After that there will be an autumn themed kit (working on it now) and I've got 2 Touch Of Color packs waiting. Ttrying to get ahead with design since there is so much to be done with getting the house ready for the holidays, preparing holiday goodies like fruitcake, cookies, fudge etc.

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