Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Never again!

This weekend I was reminded of a trip we took to Busch Gardens when my son was in elementary school. Jeremy wanted to ride the log flume. We tried telling him he really wasn't ready for it yet but he persisted. So we went over and made him watch and listen for awhile. He still insisted on going. My husband took the front seat so he'd be the one to get most drenched. I sat behind him and made Jeremy sit between my legs so I could hold onto him. All was well as we made the first couple gentle dips but then when we came to the first big drop, he screamed, "Don't you ever let me do this again!" Nothing to do but tell him to yell and scream with him. What does this have to do with my weekend just past? My Red Hat chapter decided it would be fun to take a bus trip to Atlantic City. For $65 we got a seat on the bus and when we arrived received a $30 game credit and a $20 meal credit. Sounds pretty good, huh? But bear in mind that all of us were over 50, actually all over 60 but for our Pink Hatter. Six of the chapter went plus one husband. We left Norfolk at 7am, stopped for 20 minutes on Eastern Shore for a McDonald breakfast and a couple hours later had a 10 minute stop at a WaWa for bathroom break and to grab a sandwich or snack if we liked. A lot of people slept, or tried to sleep on the way to and from. Got into Atlantic City at 2pm. We grouped, split up and regrouped throughout our visit but by about 10 pm we were all worn out and ready to go home. But the bus didn't come back until 12 am and didn't leave until 1 am. It was seriously miserable on way home - most of us in pain from one or another of our health problems and all exhausted, even the few who had managed to get some sleep on the way up. When Mary's husband dropped me off at home, I spent maybe 30 minutes talking to hubby then crashed. Sunday was totally lost and I didn't do much on Monday, just a little laundry. We won't be doing that again! I'd be back in bed again now (it is just after midnight), only I didn't want to cook so we had pizza delivered and I've got indigestion!
And now for the freebie:
this morning the papers; elements on Wednesday. Hope you like! Link: http://www.4shared.com/zip/MRuNsLb9ba/ws_TouchOfPurple_papers.html?

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Stacey said...

thank you for the pretty purple! I love it! sorry the trip was long. I hope you can rest. last weekend, my family had a re-union, which was wonderful, except the kids got me sick, which wasn't. I haven't been online for a week. I pushed myself thru Wednesday to spend as much time as I could with the family who came. unfortunately that meant i made myself worse, but now I'm on antibiotics i hope to feel better soon. it was worth it though. having lost Gregg's uncle this September, and my Aunty Sybil, has just been deemed terminal. We thought it was treatable until they found out it is in her brain, I won't pass up time with my family anymore. I don't mind getting older, but I hate losing people I love. this year hasn't not been the greatest, but I'm happy I got to spend some time with my aunts and cousins!