Sunday, October 4, 2015

New week and another freebie

It has been gloomy and raining for days now due to meeting of a Nor'Easter and Hurricane Joachim. Poor South Carolina! They have major problems due to these storms. We have been lucky. Lots of flooding in low lying areas (& most of Norfolk qualifies) due to above normal tides (as much as 6 ft above normal) have got everything over saturated. I haven't had to go out since Thursday and the water wasn't bad then so I've been lucky save for the migraine I had on Friday. My house is dry and undamaged and I'm very thankful. Following a migraine I'm not worth much in terms of doing anything. Did manage to catch the laundry up yesterday evening but that is about it. Hubby was in the mood to cook this weekend and asked for suggestion on Friday. I thought beef stew sounded comforting, so he went out early yesterday morning, got a couple things he needed and filled the crockpot almost to overflowing. Stew for dinner last night and again today. Yummy and no cooking for me. The only other thing I did was work on some bookmarks for Banned Books Week. Turns out DigiChick is doing a hybrid challenge this month that is for bookmarks, so I've created a couple using their designer's work. Planned to post those tonight but upon printing out one page, I discovered I had somehow reversed the text so need to do those again. Your freebie for today is A Touch Of Color_ Red. Papers.
As you can see, I'm not fond of basic red but prefer darker variations so that's what you get this time. Link:

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Stacey said...

I am so glad you are safe and so is your home. My aunt is in South Carolina, and so far so good for her too, but my heart goes out to those who aren't so lucky.

I love red! one of my fav colors! this is awesome. thanks so much!