Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day & freebie

The temperatures here have been cold - with wind chill factor we were in single digits yesterday. That's not usual for Tidewater. Had snow coming down for awhile but it didn't stick. Still have gusty winds and cold temps today but sky is mostly clear. Did see some snow flurries when I went out to return a Redbox movie. Saw Gone Girl last night. I think if I hadn't read the noel it would have been missing a lot. Afleck was good but the woman who played Amy was really something - quite chilling. Be sure you see the movie and read the novel if you haven't already. But, as my ex-husband's new wife commented, be aware that these "aren't nice people." That is putting it mildly. Mostly I've been doing nothing. The cold has shot my pain level way up. And then our router died so no internet to distract me. Luckily, BIL said he had an extra router just like ours and hubby was able to pick it up this morning. I got to playing once the PC was working again and made something for your Bohemian Boudoir stash. I know I mentioned a border the other day but I'm not quite ready to package that one. However, I do have a combo file for you today. I made a border but then decided I should also offer the table cluster without the line graphic behind it. Here's the preview:
I hope you like it. The young woman whose boudoir we are creating is curious about all things including the mysterious or occult. Nothing sinister, mind you, but she's experimented with tarot readings and trying to see something in a crystal ball. She knows there is more than what is visible. Or as Mulder used to say on X-Files, "the truth is out there" and she's open to alternative perspectives, mystery and magic. Pick up youf zip here

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Stacey said...

I love it! thanks so much! sure hope spring comes to you soon. we're already in spring, but then by May we'll be in triple digits. been doing yardwork as it's been in the 70's the past 2 weeks. Hope you and your hubby have a nice valentines and stay warm. I haven't read the book, I think I will do that before I see the movie. It's out on redbox so I can watch that. although I usually prefer the book to the movie.