Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bohemian Boudoir freebie

Boy is it cold here! Don't know what the temp is right now but we went out for dinner and it's freezing out there. Winds did die down a little but we expecting more inclement weather over next few days. We are hearing snow mixed with sleet one moment, then just snow the next. Estimates for accumulations run from a few inches to a foot. It's wait and see time. I forgot to post a page I made for the Art Link challenge that shows off our grandson and his girlfriend.
Dont't they make a handsome couple? Just 16 though and both want to go to college, which is great to hear. My husband and I had a quiet Valentine's Day at home, both of us aching with this weather. We got our new wireless printer set up and running so that we can share it. It is really nice. I have another paper for you tonight and I'm making progress on the elements. I'm working on furniture, wardrobe, and other items you might find in the bedroom of our bohemian girl. Have also created one figure in very gypsy like attire and am considering making another. All in good time.
Hope you like it as much as I do .


Stacey said...

Such a beautiful layout! they do make a wonderful couple. I'm glad they have plans for the future too. thanks for the beautiful paper! Wish I could send some warmth your way. Hubby and I didn't do much either, until some workman's comp money starts up - it's eating at home for now. we do have a 25.00 gift card to red lobster so we'll go out to dinner one day this week and it'll be our valentines. we didn't want to go out on the 3 day weekend to busy here.

SherryD said...

Glad to know you are doing well and have started PS lessons. I sure hope the worker's comp situation is resolved for your husband soon. Companies like to drag their feet in an effort to save money - at least for awhile.
I'd love some of that warm weather about now. The snow today is beautiful but the intense cold has me aching all over. I'd love to go down to Women's Workout and get in the warm pool and stretch all these sore muscles and joints but even if the roads were clear, I dare not. Just going out for short while last night to Golden Corral for dinner, I could feel the cold clamping down on my brochial tubes. This morning it was sinus headache with the 11 degrees. Weird but even inside in the warm house, the body seems to know what the weather is. Hugs!