Friday, January 18, 2019

Credit Card Tip & Some beautiful examples of Art Nouveau

Sitting here at computer because I just got off the phone with Capital One - again! Despite the help of the fraud supervior yesterday, another fraud case was generated. They called me about it and I had to go through more verification, telling of narrative, etc. The young lady told me all was cleared. Little did I know that during this my husband had tried to use his card at Walgreen's, gota
not authorized" and was told to try it again. After second attempt he paid with ATM card and would tell me when he got home that he wasn't going to use the card again. I explained that the fraud specialist gave me a tip: some terminals don't read properly so if you try card once and it doesn't work, ask merchant to run manually. Do NOT try to scan it again.

On a brighter note, imagine being in Paris at the end of the nineteenth centruy and going shopping in this department store:
Isn't it amazing? Perhaps you'd live in a home like this:
Your dining room might look like this one:
Came across these on internet (all these were from Paris) and thought you might like some fuel for your dreams.

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Digi Scrap Cafe said...

It is amazing, but who in their right mind put that wall or building right up against it... so sad to see that