Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A change of color in Art Nouveau freebie

Saw endodontist yesterday to start root canal. Took about an hour and went pretty well. Good news is that he didn't see any further cracking so after this treatment finishes and a new crown goes on, all will be good. Was so afraid I'd lose the tooth. On the other hand, once the novacaine wore off, throbbing pain set in. Tylenol is not doing much so I was up and down all night. Today the whole left side of my face feels like someone took a baseball bat to it. Can't put my teeth together, so no chewing yet. Throbbing is down and now it is just a solid dull pain. Tomorrow will be better, I hope.

Today I've got some aqua for you:
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/usd1ao165yup6uk/ws_AN_8.zip?dl=0

Here is an example of how art nouveau architecture looked in Russian homes:
And another house:


KM said...

So, I have your blog pinned in Firefox so I just update it each day. I must have had a day open as when I'd update it was always displaying Dec 31. Lol, I thought you were taking a wee break after the holidays. Thank you for leaving your downloads up for a long while for people like me who get confused easily ;-).

Love this new set and the photos of architecture you are posting.

Thank you and stay warm. -28 degrees with windchill making it feel like -52 bellow 0. Schools have been closed since Monday which rarely happens in our state. Many stores are closed as well. I think I'll find a good book and a blanket today. 8-0

RB said...

Thanks Sherry Loving The Blue & What Gorgeous Architecture Love It Stay Warm & Hugs:)x