Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today was . . .

in the 90's. Took Dad back to the dentist because he thought he had a couple more cavities. Dentist took x-rays and found no problems, smoothed a rough filling edge, and adjusted his partial plate. On way back to assisted living, dad wanted to know if we were going to stop for lunch but we got him back in time to have lunch in dining room. I checked in with administrator to let her know we are moving Dad tomorrow. She fiddled around on computer trying to get a final statement for me but couldn't. She will have a bill for me tomorrow and yes, they are going to charge for another month per the stupid contract I signed. Oh well, can't leave him there.

Have been dreading move tomorrow but Dad called a little before 9:00 p.m. and in talking to me asked if it is a nursing home he is moving to. Surprisingly, he didn't get upset when I told him yes, that doctor recommended it because he will need more care and also that his doctor will see him there. I added that we were able to get him a private room after all. All went smoothly, with him saying if he didn't like it, we could look further. Of course, tomorrow is likely to be another matter. Doing my best to Let go and Let God.

Started a little work on a new kit idea. Different colors than I usually pick and not vintage in theme. It's intended to be a whimsical kit. Here are the colors I'm working with:
Can you guess what it might be about?

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KM Miller said...


Good that your dad is responding positively to the help you are providing him. Loss of independence is hard to deal with.

Thank you for the freebie. Your new colors look great. Can't wait to see what you come up with in your next kit.