Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Monday and a freebie

My immune system is shot! Too much going on, I guess. Another shingles outbreak and it is painful. Then starting the antiviral upset my tummy too. Did not go see Dad over weekend and didn't make it today. Took some Tylenol for pain and napped. Must go over tomorrow for sure.

I did work on new kit a little over the weekend and it is taking some time doing the elements. No one had a guess based on the colors? Not much to go on. Would this sneak peek help?
Can you guess now?

Meanwhile, I have another Touch Of Color for you - this time Emerald:
Today the papers:


KM Miller said...

Hmmm....fencing grapevine chicken wire flower. My brain is not putting it together. However, I am sure it will be lovely.

Take care of yourself. Shingles is nasty stuff. My husband caught his outbreak within 24 hours, started antibiotic. Small area but still painful. I am talking to my doctor about the very expensive shot next visit!

Thank you for the Emerald set. Beautiful as always.


Anonymous said...

Try L-Lysene supplement for shingles - also when you feel it coming on, itching or pain at previous site - L-Lysene will head it off. I used hemorrhoid crème b/c it has lidocaine, mixed/lotion to rub on sores. I apply Pepto Bismo externally when my psoriasis returns & it stops the itching. Since I haven't had a recurrence of shingles, don't know if this would work for that. Applying Pepto to burns will also stop pain & further damage. Praying for your situation / your Father. God bless.

SherryD said...

Thanks for tips! Will try L-Lysene. I have put a strip of my Lidocaine patch on bad shingles area in past and it did help. My Dad had very bad case of shingles once, but my brother and I have recurring bouts. Dermatologist said we might have some kind of weak gene that makes us more susceptible. Thom and I both keep supply of anti-viral on hand to take at first twinge.

ginnie said...

thank you
freebie hugs