Saturday, May 27, 2017

Movies, mayhem, and freebie

We did get to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales yesterday. Got my fill of buttered popcorn, cherry Icee and 2 hours and 9 minutes of pirate adventure. Nice change of pace. Saw previews of new The Mummy with Tom Cruise and want to see it. John isn't interested and suggested I go with Red Hat friends when it comes out. Works for me. He has a date with granddaughter, Larkin, to see Captain Underpants when it comes out. I'll pass on that.

I'd planned to go see Dad today but instead I'm doing a little much needed picking up. Was just about to vacuum living room (a task I hate because it sets off fibro pain) when husband came in exhausted after spending morning help Larkin learn to ride her bike and then taking his daughter, Larkin, and Larkin's half-brother, Malachai, to lunch. He's flaked out in his recliner so I'm off the hook for vacuuming for a while. Have laundry going, dishes done, some clutter cleared and chemicals doing their thing in bathroom so it's a good time for a little break: some cream soda, barbecue chips and time to post zip 3 of Chick Thing.
This one is kind of a continuation of yesterday's zip.
I'm amazed to find that I have 8 zips ready to post! And at least another 4 in the works.

BTW no post tomorrow. Will start again on Monday. Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

so glad your life is getting back to normal or as normal as life can ever be.

Seymoure said...

Hi - You are sounding so much better -- yeah you! The Chick Thing kit is shaping up nicely. Thank you.