Thursday, May 18, 2017

Another day and a freebie

Moving Dad to the nursing home went pretty smoothly all things considered. He was ready to go when we went to pack him up, had breakfasted and taken morning meds. While I settled up downstairs, my husband got most of the packing done. Temps in 90's so not much fun hauling things around but we made it as simple as possible. I found the room a little shabby but doubt dad really noticed. Got stuff put away and dietitian came in to discuss food preferences etc. Made sure she knew he's diabetic and has renal disease so he will get low sodium and low sugar meals. Lunch came in and dad actually enjoyed the ham, cabbage, cornbread etc. That's a plus. He seemed to expect us to stay all day but I just couldn't. I was overheated, dehydrating, and had only eaten cereal at breakfast. Left there about 2 pm, checked mail at his house, mailed bills, and popped into grocery for a couple things on way home. My husband had picked me up some pepperoni bread for late lunch and once I'd eaten and downed a lot of fluids, I took a 6 hour "nap."

When I woke up I learned Dad had called and accused my husband of taking his phone charger, insisting that he either left it on the bed at other facility or had it with him. Would not listen to John when he told him it was in the room somewhere, that I had put everything away when we got there. Then in background he could hear someone (an aide I'm sure) saying, "Here it is!" Dad didn't apologize or anything. this sort of thing happens more and more. He'd also piled a lot of requests on me before I'd left: needed something form pharmacy (ok will take tomorrow), wants to see eye doctor, wants to go to podiatrist, wants to go to barber to get hair (what there is) shampooed and cut. Won't use the beauty shop there. Wants to go by the house - something about some knives he has that I won't know where to find. Told him he couldn't bring them there and no one but me going in the house so why worry about it? Think he still has the idea someone is living there.

Here at home there is so much to catch up on. Lots of cleaning to be done in addition to the basics we have settled for doing during all this chaos. Sugar ants are here for warm weather so there is that to deal with. My own bills to pay. And lots of filing of papers, receipts etc for Dad. Wish I could wrinkle my nose like Samantha the witch and get the house cleaned, other chores done, and be able to relax! Coming up is our granddaughter's birthday, son's 1st wedding anniversary, and grandson's high school graduation. Always something.

Had hoped to give you something different tonight but will have to settle for offering another Touch Of Color pack:
Papers tonight:
Elements tomorrow.

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