Wednesday, May 17, 2017

IT's Wednesday alreadY? A freebie before bedtime

Today - that is yesterday really - was a busy one. We have a dear friend who is dying of pancreatic cancer and we went for a visit. Such a sweet woman, she will be missed. Next up, I got a call from the nursing home we are going to move Dad to. They have everything they need now and were calling to arrange a date of admission. A private room has just opened up so I didn't have to settle for semi private. This should make it easier to visit with him. Since he has a dental appointment today (yes, Wednesday), we agreed we would move him in on Thursday. I went over and paid for the rest of this month and signed a bed holder agreement. This way we are guaranteed the private room. Next I went over to see Dad. I arrived about 5:15 and did not find him in the dining room so went to his room. He was lying asleep on top of his covers. I tried to wake him so I could take him down to dinner. He opened one eye, then promptly closed it again. I tried to rouse him, mentioning it was dinner time. No luck. Figured one of the staff would be coming by to wake him up and take him downstairs. Not one staff member on the floor and after 20 minutes no one had come for him. Tried again to get Dad up so I could take him to dinner. He was determined to go back to sleep. Pulled the bell for help and after about 15 minutes the aide came in. She had been downstairs with the other people from Dad's floor and she was the only one available. She told me dad has been refusing the entree at dinnertime and having them bring him up sandwiches. Back to his old habits. I explained about coming in Friday and seeing him with grilled cheese sandwich and potato chips and how he was supposed to be watching sodium intake. Learned he had ordered another grilled cheese to be brought. Told her no, to bring him a turkey sandwich so he'd be getting some protein and less salt. She asked about the orange juice he had ordered and I had to tell her occasionally that is alright but if he consumes too much citrus or strawberry his mouth and throat break out in ulcers. More bad decisions on his part. Around 6:30 a staff member came up with sandwich, fruit bowl, and milk. A little after seven I gave up on waking Dad. He was breathing fine but sleeping soundly. He's been complaining of not sleeping at night. Apparently sleeping during day. I gave up and came home with headache and nausea.

Better now and heading in to get some Zzz's but do have a little something for you:
6 black papers and 11 elements.
With recent dropbox changes, hope this link will work.


KM Miller said...

Keep up the good work on being an advocate for your dad. You are paying good money for his care and they should meet your expectations. And, please remember to take care of yourself.


Seymoure said...

Hi Sherry,
It sounds like the move for your dad is coming at the right time. I admire your stamina with all your responsibilities and then you present us with freebies also. You are amazing! Thank you for the latest posting. Will continue to remember you in my thoughts and prayers for continuing strength during this trying time. Hopefully the new facility will be more watchful and caring of your dad's needs.

Judy Poody said...

Thank you ! I love formal Black Pieces !