Saturday, September 5, 2015

What? A CU freebie? It's been ages!

It's been a boring/interesting week. Huh? I've got Chronic Fatigue Immune System Disorder or whatever the new name for it is. And sleep disorders due to other health issues. Usually I have trouble falling asleep and sleep in 4-5 hour bouts. For some reason, this week I've been getting long periods of sleep. At odd times, mind you, like being unable to sleep at bedtime then falling asleep around 5 or 6a.m.. Wake about 11 or so, go to bathroom, but so groggy I go back to bed for 10-30 minutes. Or so I tell myself. Then I'm out quickly and don't wake until 1:30 or 2 p.m. and hustle to get something done before husband comes home. What a messed up "schedule"! But sure have had some amazing dreams! Finally got to England in one and had tea at a fancy venue and went shopping in some famous store (Harrod's?). Other than that, haven't done much except try to figure out how we're going to manage June's schedule of radiation treatments and merge it with my Dad's scheule of appointments and mine. Oh, and a little family history hunting. Collected some documents including an obituary for a great or great-great grandfather that says he was a "member of the BlackHawk 57 tribe of Red Men." Interesting and needs more research. My father's family are descended from the Lambert's who came from England through Jamestown, VA.
When I've been awake and on PC, I've been working on several Color Touch sets simultaneously but none is quite finished. So I put together a collection of shell buttons for you. I left these larger than life size so you have more options. A life size button is rarely over an inch with exception of coat buttons; these are around 2". I love vintage buttons, especially the mother-of-pearl/shell ones. You can't get the same luster, sheen and colors from plastics or glass. I collect them whenever I can at reasonable prices. I use them in quilting projects (especially crazy quilt ) and craft projects. In digital version, I use buttons are buttons, brads, even flairs for the big ones. They can decorate borders, ribbons, and frames. This collection is CU4CU so use them anyway you want with exception of just repacking and selling as a button collection. I left in some that are grungy, like you'd find at the bottom of an old sewing box, even a couple with rough edges and chips. I'd like to hear what you find to use them for or see photos.


Stacey said...

these are awesome! thanks so much! I love buttons, and have a collection myself. although mine are mostly holiday orientated. I'm glad you are getting some rest even if it is at odd hours! things have been crazy here. my Uncle was given 3 months, and they are unable to provide any treatment, he is too weak to have any. So he was in a transitional hospice for 3 nights, while the house was outfitted with a hospital bed and shower chair etc. He was transferred home today to my inlaws other home about 3 miles from us. We're going to dinner tomorrow to see him, we wanted to give him a night to settle in.

SherryD said...

Stacey, I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle. I hope they are at least able to keep him pain free? Prayers for you and your family.