Thursday, September 10, 2015

More of Summer Fadeout freebie - the eelments

Oh joy - it's football season. Yes, I'm being sarcastic as I sit here and listen to the Pittsburgh Steelers (hubby's team) and whoever. I hate all the crowd noise and then there's hubby shouting "Throw it Ben!" Men really get into the whole football thing - whether on the field or on TV. "Keep me company," he says but it's not as though I can sit there and read while he's watching. So here I am in computer room . Oh well, need to post the link to Summer Fadeout elements anyway. And I forgot to thank you lovely ladies for your suggestions about dealing with 4shared etc. I do have a Dropbox account that I used to use for my stores and for collaborating with other designers. Never thought about setting up a public folder. Haven't had time to work on putting things there yet. Several appointments for me this week and also helping out getting June to radiation treatments. This weekend I'm tied up with Red Hat stuff and family get together so sometime next week.
Link for elements:

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Stacey said...

thank you so much! this is so beautiful! I really love the colors. I'm a football girl myself. my hubby doesn't watch unless the 9ers are winning. I play about 12 different contests (all the free ones) even picked perfectly one week and won the San Fran paper contest, and the las vegas review journal contest.