Sunday, September 6, 2015

Problems with 4shared?

Need some help here If you look at comments under A Touch Of Orange, you will see that Carolyn is having trouble downloading. You can also see my reply which didn't help. There is a lot of extra stuff on 4shared page now and that makes things more complicated. I find the same thing at other file share sites. If anyone can help, perhaps by explaining the 4shared downloads another way, it would be appreciated. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to pay for a site that would download to you directly. Suggestions welcome.


Stacey said...


Hello, I'm not sure how to explain 4shared, but a good file sharing site with no ads and no wait time, but is also free, is dropbox.

They do have bandwidth restrictions, but it's fairly generous unlike regular box, which only allows like 2 downloads of a file per month. Plus the bandwidth will reset after a couple of days. I don't think i've seen many complaints from dropbox. You do have to set up an account, but it's free and most people would rather do that then have pop-up that might contain viruses. I think most people in the scrap community have a dropbox account too because alot of blogtrains are dropbox links nowawdays.

Christine K said...

Hi Sherry your instructions are spot on, but it does sound as if Carolyn is not signing into 4shared and that is why she is getting the facebook etc signing in. it is quite easy to open an account with 4shared, in the top line just past the search box there is a sign up box, this is also next to the sign in once registered. It is free to sign up and to be quite honest since 4shared bought this in it is so much less trouble than it used to be when you could sometimes have to wait several minutes before downloads would begin. I hope this helps Carolyn get her downloads.
And while I'm here I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all of the lovely goodies that you share with us. I love reading about your red hat events, I also wish you relief from your health problems. Christine in the UK