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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rain, rain and more to come? & Touch Of Color freebie

Things are pretty soggy here. Some areas have flooding from a tropical storm that was off the coast bringing high tides and wind. That storm didn't hit us directly but we've been getting rain 0ff and on. Today it rained most of the time. News is now saying that another tropical storm off the coast is gaining strength and is expected to become a category 2 hurricane. Just lovely. And because I didn't do some running today, I will have to tomorrow. Not looking forward to working around flooded sections. But, what can you do? Norfolk is bordered by some major rivers and the Chesapeake Bay, not to mention all the little creeks etc.
I was just browsing through the photos of the dresses worn to the big Met gala. The things some people will wear just because they are called "fashion" or were created by big name dress designers. Unbelievable! There were some seriously weird and wacky designs worn. Some looked pretty uncomfortable too. And then there is the bare as much as you dare trend. I'm not just knocking it because I don't have the figure to wear those barely there gowns. I mean, I wouldn't wear them if I had the perfect body. Seems like exhibitionism, doesn't it? What's next? Women walking into the gala wearing nothing but their makeup and jewelry? Oh, and those bad-for-the-feet, incrediably high Jimmy Choo etc shoes. Whatever happened to class? Okay, off that soapbox.
Today, I've got more Touch Of Color for you. This time it's brown.
Link to papers: Thursday, the elements. Hugs!

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