Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Freebie - Touch of Blue_Cobalt - elements

Long day! 10am roofer arrived to look at roof. Says there are a lot of "nail pop-ups" to be fixed. A few minutes for 1/2 cup coffee and insurance man arrives. Roof problem considered "normal wear & tear" and not covered by policy. Ceiling damage estimated at a little over $1,000. After deductible I get check for $742. Time for a bathroom break then I sit down at PC to finish my coffee and doorbell rings again! It was Dad and June on way back from radiation therapy. Had to look up a tax form for Dad, packed up some more of John's homemade chicken soup for June and we visited for awhile. Then it's time to finish up my now cold coffee and head to bank and grocery store. I want to use my home equity loan to pay roofer but am out of the checks. Since I don't have a specific amount I need, checks have to be ordered and will take 10 days. However, if I get a firm quote, I can go back to bank and they will draft a check for needed amount. I decided I'd pop into one of the nearby thrift stores to see if they might have something dressy in red I can wear to the Snowball Express in December. Since I''m not a size 8-10 anymore, it's not easy to find nice thrift clothes in my size and I don't want to spend a lot on something I'll wear once. Nope, no red bargains. However, I found a lovely black velvet gown with beading that should fit and I got excited thinking I could use it for the "Black and Bling" night at upcoming Cary event. Found a purple shirt with thin gold stripe that should fit so that's another for my Red Hat wardrobe. Then I saw the cutest vintge hat. It's one of those open work hats that were popular netween 30's - 50's. Black velvet with some dusty purple moire. This could work with the black dress. I'm so pleased that the total is only $27! Later, as I e-mailed Mary to confirm our Hobby Lobby shopping trip, I'm telling her about my finds and it hits me - the Cary event will be in the summer! BLack velvet sure won't work. Oh well. I'm sure some other Red Hat event will come up I can use it for lol. And now those Cobalt elements:
Link: http://www.4shared.com/zip/92BBUR4Kba/ws_TouchOfBlueCobalt_elements.html?

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Stacey said...

thank you so much! love the elements! Glad you were able to find some nice deals. sounds like alot of fun upcoming events with the ladies! Hope you can find a reasonable quote for your roof!