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Friday, September 11, 2015

Oops! Forgot an element in your freebie zip

I forgot to include one of the elements for Summer Fadeout - the lemonaide! Temperatures are still warm so we want to continue enjoying that refreshing beverage, don't we?
Link: Will have another Touch Of Color for you soon but probably not until Monday night. Going out of town tomorrow with some friends to a craft fair/flea market thing and Sunday having family over. Monday I'm taking June to radiation therapy. Tuesday I have to meet with insurance people about claim. Earlier this week (Tuesday) we had high winds and heavy downpour. When I got home from the radiation oncology clinic, I found that our roof was leaking - right over hubby's expensive recliner! So need to have roof and ceiling repaired. Think I've got a couple days of just normal housework then I'm on call for radiation therapy transportation again. We've got 6 weeks of juggling our schudles with Junes' but we'll make it.

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Stacey said...

thank you so much for the lemonade! still very hot here too. Hope your roof isn't too costly to have repaired. we had some high winds and my sister lost about 1/3 of her roof tiles. the original quotes were ridiculous 5600, 3500. One of her neighbors did it who is a roofer did it for 350.00 so much cheaper. luckily for her there was no structural damage, and we don't get much rain.