Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Week half through and Another Freebie - Think Pink!

Last week was so busy and chaotic! Nothing seemed to go as planned. Thursday evening we went to dinner at Pirates Cove in Chesapeake with my Aunt Sissy and her boyfriend, John, a former co-worker of my husband. The she-crab soup was yummy if a bit too peppery. My flounder was a huge piece and looked so pretty but it tasted more fishy than flounder usually does and the breading didn't seem to have any flavor at all. I liked the hushpuppies best. But if I was disappointed in my dinner, we have to remember I'm not big on seafood. The guys got huge sampler platters and raved about everything. My Aunt got a large Greek salad with a crabcake on top. That crabcake was hamburger size and full of lump crabmeat rather than all the breading most have. She was so happy with that! Friday morning I took my husband over to the hospital to get his nuclear stress test. But it turned out to be wrong hospital and as a result he won't have test until Decemeber and we will have to pay for missed appointment. And from there on to Joyce's house where we were going to have a class on making fascinators from deco mesh. Joyce had coffee and tea ready for us along with cookies and mini scones. After a little caffeine, Karla showed us what to do and we made fascinators for the upcoming Snowball Express. Typical me, I had to complicate things by wanting to use not only the white deco mesh I'd bought but also a wired red ribbon of smaller width. It did turn out beautifully though! Will have to get a photo and show you. Then we had lunch - Mary had brought barbeque stuff for sandwiches and chips and I brought dessert - iced brownies. Don't know what set it off - nothing we could determine - but when Mary and I left, we both had headaches and some chest tightness, which we passed off to sinuses reacting to weather changes. I was sick by the time I got home - headache and stomach pain with nausea. Went to bed and it was hubby's birthday! I was doing pretty well next day however, while Mary had a 3 day migraine and respiratory infection! Saturday we were supposed to meet some people hubby worked with for lunch but BIL came by and wanted to take care of some work we needed help with. Bless him, he patched the roof and explored the situation. Not nails in shingles at all but the nails used to fasten down the wood over the rafters, popping up and pushing shingles up. Weird. He fixed everything he could see but we might have to have another roof put on over this one. BIL also worked on hubby's computer and put a new battery in the car we are holding on to for grandson. Really appreciate all that help! So Saturday night I took hubby out for his b'day dinner. Ynot Italian in Chesapeake makes a dish he loves called Fruitti de Mare (fruit of the sea) - pasta with a marina sauce filled with multiple types of seafood. Only they have stopped offering it so we had to work up something comparable. Got pizza rolls as appetizer. Granted, we were expecting something like we get from Glory's Bakery and these were nothing like that. Looked good but dough was tough, very oily, and worst of all too much garlic! Hubby loves garlic and for him to say it was too much says a lot. Between Friday and Saturday, I have had to stay away from spicey, oily, and garlicky foods for some days. But it is all getting better. Yada, yada, where is the freebie?
How about both papers and elements tonight? Think I actually have a day free tomorrow to get some housework done! Hugs!


Stacey said...

this is so pretty! thanks so much! Wow you had a full weekend. sorry you didn't enjoy the dinners too much, but hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday anyway. Wish him a Happy Birthday from me. Hope you have time to relax and rest a bit!

makeyesup said...

Pretty papers, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing!