Saturday, March 2, 2019

My challenge entries and some art nouveau (freebie) for you

It's Saturday and my husband and granddaughter are at a Blue Grass concert. I'm supposed to be doing some cleaning and sorting housework stuff. But the day has gotten away from me. I decided I'd do just one of the monthly challenges from Just Art. How long could that take? And maybe go through a little of today's e-mail. Hmm. I first did the card challenge using Asian Ink kit by Rosie Designs.
Looked at some e-mail, then decided to do one more challenge. This one was simple: scrap any Irish quote, blessing, etc. So I pulled pieces from my own Irish kits and came up with this:

Spoke with my husband's first wife on phone about when she was to deliver granddaughter to concert hall. Ordered a new type of 1/4" seam guide for my sewing machine. (The new machine that is still in box!) And sent an e-mail to a dear friend about how long to plan on staying when I visit her next month. Have to get flight set up. And now, here it is nearly 6 p.m.! I get ready to [post today's zip only to find out I hadn't packed it up and zipped it. [sigh!] Got to pull myself together and stop playing. Here is your freebie.


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