Thursday, March 14, 2019

Freebie - link corrected

***Oops _ link corrected.
Misery - sinus/migraine. All the bones in my face ache and right eustachion tube feels blocked. Such fun. Heard there have been blizzards in some parts of the country. Hoping you are not affected. And today's freebie:

*** Having PC troubles. I was able to download from link I just edited but let me know if you have problems because it isn't coming up the way it usually does.


Mary said...

I hope you feel better!!! I suffer with chronic migraines and it is just murder!!! I am also hate to bother you!!! But the download is only a picture of the download, not the parts.

Seymoure said...

Hi Sherry,
So sorry to read you are not feeling up to par. Please, please get better real soon.
Also, the link for #25 of the Art Nouveau kit takes me to another picture of #25.
I love reading your blog and truly appreciate all of the research you do for your kits. I also like the photos of the art deco doors and buildings. Some of the art around the doors remind of dragons.
Thank you again for all you do for us.

MomOnceAgain said...

Thank you so much, Sherry - this looks regal! I hope you are feeling better! Unfortunately, all that downloads is the preview, not the kit...

Mary said...

I hope that today you are better!! Today I share your misery as I have had a migraine since around 2 am!!! I am not able to download the file... When I click it and sign into dropbox it says the file does not exist... I am so sorry to have to mention this!!! I truly appreciate all that you share with your amazing talent!!!!

Digi Scrap Cafe said...

Hi Sherry,
Hope you are feeling better.
I really hate to tell you that the second download link is broken as well.
When I click it, asks to sign in or sign up, and when I login, it sends me to my own dropbox.

I believe you may have this set to personal only, so only you can see it

Anonymous said...

Please, please fix the #25 of Art Nouveau. It says it is fixed but it definitely isn't fixed. It is a great link to my dropbox, but there is no download there. Thanks for all you give us.

Anonymous said...

Please fix #25 of Art Nouveau. Thanks so much