Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Freebie time

Just spent about 3 hours at DMV to get my license renewed. At least I thought to bring along my Kindle so I could read. Things happening for a change. My birthday is Sunday and I'll be 68, which is why I had to go to DMV to get new photo made. My son and DIL will be here on Saturday for a short visit. Haven't seen them since last May. Additionally, I got a call from my dearest friend, Sandy, who moved from Richmond (just 2 hours away) about 6 years ago after her husband died. She now lives in Georgia. Too far! Haven't seen her for about 4 years now. We are planning a reunion in April. Her older sister, Wanda,also a good friend, lives west of Richmond and hasn't been to Georgia in a couple years. Wanda and I are going to fly into Georgia from our respective locations on April 3rd so Sandy only has to make one trip to airport. Leaving husband here to fend for himself for unknown length of time. I figure about 10 days at least but could be a little more as Wanda and I plan to come back to Virginia when Sandy is ready to drive up and see her daughter. I am so excited! Already thinking about packing lists and so forth.

But back to reason for today's post. More art nouveau. You will surely have enough by the end of this week to do a whole book in art nouveau.
An art nouveau card for the March babies:
More doors:
And a place in Paris:
And Spain:

Today's zip:
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/muweqjsu2n0my7r/ws_AN_21.zip?dl=0

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Scarette said...

Breathtaking! I took several Art History classes in University. Architectural Styles etc. were part of these courses. I loved them and they changed my life. I wish I'd had a bit more depth in architecture but your inclusion of all these wonderful examples has been very satisfying! Thanks for everything you do.