Thursday, February 7, 2019

Not the mood, just the color - Art Nouveau freebie

We've been looking at some art nouveau style architecture lately. Isn't it amazing how beautifully detailed the designs are? Especially when you think that those designing and building during that period did not have available all the tools and techniques we have now. I don't know about you, but I'd rather live in a house with character instead of the dull geometric boxes we mostly have today. Still, along with all that beauty, I'd definitely want modern plumbing (it could be beautifully designed, couldn't it?) and a mostly modern kitchen. Today let's look at a few art nouveau doors. Since blue is the color of the day, let's start there.
This one is a church door:
Here's one suitable for my zodiac sign, Pisces:
Love the colors but not so keen on fish.
Here is a metal gate going into a complex:
Another door with detail around the door:
One more:
How's that for fancy?

And today we have:
BTW - for those who commented on the journal cards. Let me confess that most are vintage post cards of the era that I've cleaned up and/or altered.

Hope my friends in cold places are warming up. Hugs to all.


RB said...

Love All The Entwined Work Associated With Art Nouveau So Gorgeous,Appreciate The Images You Post Sherry,As Well As Your Kits! :)x

Scarette said...

I LOVE those Art Nouveau designs you've posted! Not only are they beautiful but I'm beginning to have a greater appreciation of what Art Nouveau consists of!