Saturday, February 16, 2019

Another gloomy February day and freebie

I'm not complaining about the gloom really. February seems to be when we get the worst weather - cold and snowy. Today it's just a matter of changing temperatures and light drizzle. Yesterday was 72! Today 40. Going to be a quiet day devoted to some house cleaning with a break to watch VCU basketball - provided it's locally televised. It upsets me that the local networks will show games from less than stellar basketball colleges out of state and not run some of the games from Virginia Commonwealth University which is only about 2 hours away. Hubby says it probably has to do with contracts with various networks.

Anyway, I thought I'd share something a little different - but still art nouveau - with you today. I love the old postcards about birthstones and such and find it interesting to see how what we think of as designated birthstones and birth month flowers have changed over the years. My favorite of these are the cards I'm going to show you today. these originally had verses on them but in most cases the copies I have were redone as posters without the verses. I should have started this in January but didn't think of it then so today I'll give you January and February.

And here are some purple doors:
I wouldn't have thought purple would be such a popular door color.

And today's zip:

Problem with Blogger. I put in link as usual but it refuses to show up. I have typed in link below where Blogger should put it so I can post this now. Just copy and paste link into yur browser until I can work out Blogger's quirk. Thanks


RB said...

Thanks Sherry Did As You Said & Works Fine!:) Arnt Those Purple Doors Fab! Thanks For Sharing Your Art & Knowledge,Ive Been Enjoying Your Blog Very Much.Its Educational & Crative What More Could You Ask For!? Hugs x

Scarette said...

Your designs are lovely. I really appreciate the examples of Art Nouveau you include!