Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Month nearly hald gone! Freebie

Hard to believe February is almost gone! Finished up root canal yesterday and doing well today. Still, being a little careful. Had lunch with my retiree group today. Did not like the Mexican restaurant we met in; don't much care for Mexican food anyway, but this was poor and service bad. Still, we had space to sit and gab and we did for about 3 hours! I'm running late starting dinner so will just make this short today.

Just realized I'd already given you this journal card -- oops!
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxjdpiasiwxnz9j/ws_AN_14.zip?dl=0


R B said...

Thanks Sherry Love All The Greens,Deffinately Reminds Me Of Nouveau & Vines & The Entwining Patterns.No Worries About The Journal Card Would It Be O.K To Change The Colour Ourselves If Thats O.K With You!? Thanks For All The GoOdies & Info Hugs:)x

SherryD said...

RB asked if I'm okay with you changing colors. Absolutely! These items are for your use, so please adjust as you wish. Hugs, SherryD