Saturday, February 23, 2019

Flu popped up & some free poppies

Bad pun in header but hubby and I have been down with the flu or something like. We were out Tuesday from early morning to afternoon on business, picked up some lunch and came home. Both of us felt extremely tired. I slept about five hours and when I got up, my husband had already made and consumed his share of dinner. I wasn't hungry at all but so thirsty. Before long, my husband was complaining of flu like symptoms. He got through it all in about 24 hrs or less. I didn't. Today is first day I've been symptom free just a little weak as might be expected. But enough about that.

Today's zip has a poppy theme:

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KM said...

Good to see you back. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Get plenty of rest. We here in MN have been flu free and it just might be that we have not been gathering as usual. With 37 inches of new snow this February it had been hard to get around. Lots of school closings associated with all the storms so peeps all hanging out at home. ;)
Thank you for the poppies.