Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Zip 14 of Autumn Elegance freebie

Getting ready to head out to dentist. They need to make another impression. Sure hope he isn't going to have to numb me for this because at noon I'm meeting the girls at Bahama Breeze for lunch. Had a surprise visitor yesterday, The guy who cuts our grass was next door. He'd persuaded that man to have his grass cut and it really needed it. It was over 6" in his backyard. After awhile we get a call from the grass cutter telling my husband that a big black snake with red stripe came out of neighbor's backyard and was headed towards our house. Now the grass cutter is a younger guy - about 30+. He couldn't do something about it? My husband is 67 and has bad neuropathy in his feet; he sure can't move fast. So snake was gone when hubby got out there to look for it. Can't you imagine, I'm a little freaked out?

Today's zip has 2 papers, ribbon and bow, border and frame. Thank you all for kind comments. Hope you like this one too.
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxov3rg9na7rlhu/ws_AutumnElegance_14.zip?dl=0

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