Saturday, November 24, 2018

Holiday Weekend and more Autumn Elegance

Sending big hugs to all my internet friends. I appreciate all the lovely notes I received and wanted to give you an update on things here. Near last minute we learned that we could have Larkin for the day on Thanksgiving. Hubbby picked her up at 10 a.m. and didn't take her back home until about 9 p.m. She is still very active at age eight and still shows attention deficiet problems despite being on medication. Hasn't grown much but her hair has darkened and seems to have red highlights in it now. Larken is a very loving child, sometimes smothering in her need for attention and affection. But overall it went well. When we told her Tyler, who is her half-brother, was going to try to come for dinner, she got so excited. Hasn't seen him in a long time. (After H.S. graduation, Tyler wrote his mother a letter breaking off all communication with her because of her addiction and other behaviors, but mostly because even when he tried to visit and be with her, she ignored him.) Tyler had a prior commitment he couldn't get out of with family in Suffolk but called to say he would still stop by as soon as he could. He got here just after our dinner and it was heartwarming to see him and Larkin reconnect. She wouldn't leave his side and smothered him in kises and hugs and massaged his head. It wasn't a lonely day after all. But we were so tired that we decided (my husband instigated) this would be our last Thanksgiving at home. Just too much for two old people with disabilities. Next year we will head to a restaurant for a meal. My son, Jeremy, called just before hubby took Larkin home. Our card and housewarming gift (check) arrived on Wednesday so he wanted to wish us Happy Thanksgiving and also thank us for the gift. Wanted to be sure we could afford to do that. He and his wife understand retirement isn't always good financially. But our parents had helped us when we bought our house and we wanted to do the same for them. Thanks to a little left-over from my inheritance, iit was possible.

Did you have a good holiday? I sure hope so. Did you go out for the Black Friday sales? We stayed inside away from the mobs but I have done the Black Friday thing in the past when the children were young. I checked out Amazon's Black Friday sales but all I bought was a Barbie playset for Larkin's Christmas and a small gift for my husband, which wasn't on sale.

Unfortunately, I got a shingles outbreak yesterday - just one small patch - and started the antiviral. It seems to be helping - no itching, little pain, nothing spreading. But it sure wipes me not! I have slept so much these last few days.

Now here is today's zip of Autumn Elegance:

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Re shingles - when I feel it returning - symptoms are pain &/or itching in the same places as original outbreak - I take several L-Lysene capsules for a few days to head it off or stop it. After several events, I take one capsule daily as a precaution. Doreen