Sunday, November 18, 2018

Extra freebie and announcement

I'm feeling down; the holidays will be difficult, sad. I'm having trouble getting motivated to do anything and just wish I could turn the calender to January. I used to enjoy the holiday season so but that was then and this is now. Still haven't gotten back to myself since Dad's death and can't muster the energy to do all I used to do with cheer. I won't continue to whine but just want to say I've come to a decision. The Autumn Elegance kit will continue, with zip 21 being the last of it. I will not be doing a Christmas kit next month. Shouldn't be a big deal really as there will be dozens of free Christmas kits available to you on other sites. Further, I don't plan to blog much in December, at least nothing on a regular basis. I'm certain I'll pop up from time to time with a little something like some of the stamps I'm working on or maybe experimental papers, templates, whatever. I need time to finish up some personal business before year end. I hope to start 2019 in better shape physically, mentally and spiritually. I intend to have my home clean and organized and a plan to better keep it that way. I intend to get back to doing some crazy quilting, write on a regular basis, work in my art journal, maybe get a little travel in. I'll continue to meet twice a month with my lunch group (they lift my spirits), get my pool exercises in 3x/week, and play in PS. In short, this is not the last you will see of me.

That said, I have a stacked paper that didn't quite fit into any of the last Autumn Elegance zips. Didn't make a preview as it is just the one paper. If you want it, here it is:


KM said...

I am very sorry you are feeling down. The holidays and all it entails can equal a lot of stress. We discussed not going all out this year with our decor and decided we would as we host Christmas Eve for family and friends at our home. The biggest thing I have to remember is that it does not need to be perfect. Hard for me to accept that as a type A person but, we are climbing the age chart and it would be good to keep that in mind. In the past I would deck the house and outdoors in the 3 days following Thanksgiving once I put all fall decor away. It will take a week or more now but that is ok. What gets done will have to be good enough.
I try to remember that Christmas is about the birth of hope, a savior sent by our Creator and that it was never supposed to turn into the circus it has become for retailers.
Enjoy your time with your family and I am paying you experience peace this Christmas. Enjoy your "you time".


Scarette said...

I am glad this is not the last we'll see of you! Sometimes I wonder how anyone gets through the holiday season with so many people having troubles and heartbreak. I guess it is best to keep busy and not give yourself too much time to dwell on things. Sooner or later things change and we move on. Thank you for being creative and generous. I wish all the BEST for you!