Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Isn't it sad and freebie

My brother called yesterday while I was at the doctor and when he didn't reach me, sent me an e-mail today telling me he knew when the tax refund had been mailed to me and wanted to know if he could expect to get a check from me by the end of the month. Isn't it sad that he is so intent on getting every penny he can from Dad's estate? He will never have enough because he doesn't understand that all the money in the world and material things are not going to fill that hole inside him. I sent a return e-mail that was calm and matter-of-fact. I outlined how all the previous agreements he made have not been fulfilled and I have no expectation he will pay half the final bills like he says, so I set out conditions (fair ones) under which he will get a check from me for his portion of the refund. I also let him know that while I don't understand his problem with me, his talk of "You're my sister and I love you. I would never do anything to hurt you" is just talk. I'm not feeling any love and once this last transaction is done, I said I doubt he will have any use for me and if it's his wish to cut off all ties with me, so be it. It was a little easier by e-mail than talking on the phone. Just want an end to the tension he creates for me.

) When Larkin woke up, it was barely light out and since it was the weekend, she decided not to wake her mother or grandmother. She went into the kitchen intending to make herself a bowl of cereal. She was surprised to see a big box of doughnuts on the table. They were iced in chocolate, vanilla, and pink frosting and smelled so good! Best of all, they had cute little faces like those on her Shopkins, only these faces were made with frosting and candy so completely edible. It was going to be hard deciding which to eat. She went to the refrigerator to get some milk and chocolate syrup for chocolate milk. Sitting down at the table with her milk and a plate, Larkin lifted the box top, closed her eyes and waved her fingers around over the doughnuts , then stopped when she had pointed to one. It had pink frosting and a strawberry gel swirl. On her plate it went. She thought it would be okay to eat two so she repeated choosing with closed eyes and got a vanilla frosted one with sprinkles. Putting it on her plate, she closed the box neatly and made her thumbs up sign to Ducky. This was going to be a yummy breakfast!
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u63t4x9nhhtkqi8/ws_LarkinsDream_2.zip?dl=0

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