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Sunday, December 20, 2015

It' Christmas week! And a freebie.

As I schedule this, I'm betting I will still be working on decorations, wrapping gifts, and making goodies. So I'm posting some more ornaments:
(You can see I got carried away!)
Might be a good time to mention that my first TOU with credits missed a few designers which I've added these last couple of times. While I know I didn't use resources from all of those listed, I looked at so much of my stash I wanted to be certain I didn't leave out anyone whose resources or inspiration might have helped me complete this kit.

And now some pine decor:
(BTW that swag is huge and meant to serve as a page topper.)

Just adding a note to thank everyone for lovely comments and for good wishes and prayers for June. I went to Snowball Express, our annual local Christmas party, yesterday. It was a nicely set up venue with great service from the wait staff at Holiday Inn on Greenwich Rd in Virginia Beach. We were treated t a nice lunch, entertainment, and vendors with great Red Hat goodies. Our party favor this year was a collapsible vinyl hat box - very useful! As a door prize I received a pretty snowman candle. My friend, Mary, got a Christmas teapot ornament and since she knows I love tea stuff she insisted on giving it to me. She is such a sweetie. I bought a Red Hat teeshirt, a rhinestone pin that reads I {heart} tea and a teapot charm. But, since it was my first Snowball Express, I didn't know many people - mostly the people from my chapter. I was so tired that at one point Mary said I looked miserable. I tried to appear happier. Best of all, Mary and I both put all our raffle tickets in the bin for the wonderful teapot shaped purse. Mary has been trying at every event for years to win one and this time she did! It is so cool - made in an embossed silver fabric. As soon as one of our group posts her photos, I'll show you.

Got home around 4 PM after leaving here at 10:15 AM. I'd barely gotten out of my fancy attire when my father called, wanting to know when I was coming over. So I changed clothes, swung by Wendy's to get June a burger
and headed over to sit with her while Dad went out to get something to eat. I'm embarrassed to say that I was really grumpy and thinking about how good it would be if June's son and DIL would kick and and do something. I'm worn out! June looked a little better but she is still weak and afraid to be alone. Had some trouble with her catheter that sent her and Dad to ER at 2 AM Saturday morning. Stopped at Captain D's on my way back home to pick up some dinner for hubby and I. I hurt all over - fibro really kicking and so tired - mentally and physically. Took a muscle relaxer and couple of arthritis strength Tylenol before going to bed.

I confess, I'm pretty depressed right now, my house is a disaster zone and I am not joking. Have given up on doing much for Christmas here. Will somehow manage to wrap grandkids gifts and that is about it. Then I hear that my brother and SIL may be driving up from Florida. Haven't seen brother in a couple years now and I wish I was up to enjoying their visit. But I'm ashamed of the way the house looks, don't know if they are hoping to have Christmas dinner here or what. And I still haven't gotten details from my son about when on Christmas weekend I'm supposed to drive up to Richmond. Would like to just go to bed and pull the covers over my head and stay there for a couple weeks. But I can't. I'm not broken, but I'm severely cracked at this point. And now that I've written such a bummer note, I'll get myself up and do some housework before I have to go out again. I hope all of you are having a great holiday season. Good news from others helps.

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Stacey said...

Sherri, the ornaments and pine are gorgeous! thanks so much!

I'm glad June, is stronger, but I'm worried about you now! Her family really should be pitching in, too. I hope you can get some rest. I can't even imagine how you are doing all that you are. I'm happy you got something nice at the party. please take care of yourself too!