Sunday, December 6, 2015

Where is the Sandman?

It's nearly 3AM here and I don't feel like I can sleep if I go to bed. On the other hand, I don't feel like doing much and need to be quiet so hubby can sleep. So, here I am. Everyone I talk to is doing so well getting Christmas cards written, shopping done, decorations up. I'm running behind. June is still feeling poorly so I've been back and forth to Dad's checking on her but I don't want it to sound as though I'm blaming my slackness on that. Weather here has been giving me sinus headaches and there are a couple of issues that are worrying me. I'd like to go to bed and pull the covers over my head and wake up energetic in January. Not going to happen. So I did a little shopping and found a top to wear to Snowball Express. I pulled the cards out but haven't written any. And just realized that Monday is Berkeley's birthday and I haven't mailed her card and gift yet! Bad future MIL! Tonight I tried a recipe I'd thought about making for the cookie swap on Wednesday - chocolate covered cherry cookie. Verdict? My husband described them as between a brownie and cake, very chocolate, very rich. He would have preferred chocolate chip cookies. They are rather time consuming and messy to make. I doubt I'll do them again. But it's good to try something new once in awhile. Guess now I'll make Russian Tea Cakes and maybe some coconut cookies for the swap. Also promised to make some sweet and spicy meatballs. Got a couple loads of laundry done but the tree and decorations aren't even out of storage. Tomorrow I'm making turkey potpie, writing cards, and checking in on June. Don't imagine I'll get much else done. In between, I've been returning to the PC and packing up the rest of the Christmas kit. Not going to be a problem covering every day. Have the first 14 days scheduled and will work on scheduling the rest tomorrow and maybe Monday. Monday husband goes back to work and I have to meet him at the doctor's office after he gets off. He thought everything went fine with stress test but office called and wants him to go in Monday, not just wait until next appointment in February. Could be they saw a problem with low blood flow to an area of his heart or a possible blockage. Then too he had chest x-ray same day and he was a smoker for many years. We've tried not to be worried but he knows it's bothering me and said if we get there Monday and are told everything is fine, he's going to kick some butt! I just hope whatever the problem is can be easily corrected.

I heard that Stacey is making some lavender scented soap for a gift - lovely idea as lavender is so soothing! Wondered what others might be crafting? I'm not doing much handmade stuff this year. I made fruitcakes for those on my list who love them and will make some cookies and fudge for the grandchildren. Will make fudge and peanut butter blossoms to take to the engagement dinner Christmas weekend. Only other thing I've made is some lavender sugar scrub for soft hands and feet. It's supposed to be much kike Mary Kay's soft hand (or some name like that) and is super easy to make. The directions I got off line are very vague and general in terms of amounts of ingredients. That's because the recipe is meant to be applied to whatever size container you might be using. I bought some half-pint Ball canning jars (so cute) and followed instructions but I'm not happy with consistency. I think it's too runny. I'll try to tweak it some more and will include a tongue depressor with each jar to help scoop the stuff out. If anyone has some cool, easy ideas for small gifts to make, we could share instructions in a post here, if you would like. Always good to have a little notebook filled with recipes and instructions for last minute gifts for all occasions, isn't it?

You will get post for freebies in a few hours. Hugs!

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Stacey said...


I'll say a prayer to night that everything goes well for your husband! I hope you get some sleep tonight. I know how stressful December is. I just got my decorations up except for the tree. haven't started my cards yet either.

The soap is really easy to make. I'm just using the soap bars from Michaels or Joanns, you melt in the microwave (instructions come with the bar). I'm not using coloring, because I'm going to add real lavender flowers and some really fine glitter. You can get lavender essential oil all over nowadays. You add a few drops until you are satified with the scent and pour it into molds. (I have a ton). I've made candles, soaps, lotions, lip balms you name it. Just going to stick with candles & soap this year.

thanks for the beautiful candles & frames!