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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 almost over. Catching Up.

First, I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments on recent freebies. And I especially want to thank you all for understanding my need to vent about how things have been going here. Your prayers for June are much appreciated. I'm sorry to report that things are no better. Last week I had a severe fibro flare-up, was exhausted physically and mentally. I cried off and on for three days because I knew I'd hit the wall and could not continue running back and forth to Dad's to help with June. Finally I had to talk to them and let them know how bad the pain was. I think I may have told you that I told them both that I felt it was time for June's family to step in and help out. Dad just can't do it all on his own and I was worried about his health. They were pretty understanding about it. June was reluctant to ask her son for help. Dad hugged me and said I'd done more than my share and it was okay. Spent a day in bed trying to damp down the pain then tried to get a few things done in the house. No decorating and no baking which felt strange. It was wet and too warm here and that wasnt helping at all. John did what he could to help out and I managed to clean both bathrooms, tidy the front of the house a little, vacuum the living room, and wrapped a few gifts.

Christmas Day June's family went over to my father's taking food and visiting and Dad was able to escape and come over to spend a little time with us. It was quiet and lonely here. We fed the bus driver who works this route, carrying dinner out to her. Had our dinner and cleaned up, talked to some friends and family on the phone. Saturday we went out to Suffolk to see my SIL and her family. Came home and went to bed early because I was expected in Richmond on Sunday. Did I mention that a case of shingles started up? Started the antiviral right away.

Traffic wasn't the nightmare I expected on Sunday but driving 2.5 hours wore me out and I was nervous about meeting my son's future in-laws. The evening went pretty well and I was reminded of how much I loved living in western Henrico years ago. As I got ready to leave, my son and Berkeley gave me a tin of party mix they had made and my ex-husband's new wife (we get along well) had a tin of homemade goodies for me to take home too. I nibbled a little on the drive home to help stay awake. Got in before 9:00 PM and talked to hubby for a bit before crashing. That was our holiday weekend.

Don't even remember much about yesterday because I slept in and rested all day. Today we went to see the new Star Wars movie. I hadn't been all that enthusiastic about going. I remember when the first one came out and being all hyped up about how good it was supposed to be. At the time, yes, the special effects were amazing but it was too much fighting for me and too little character development. At least that is how I recall it. I've seen the others in the series but have not been an affectionado who likes to see them over and over. This one I really enjoyed. Maybe it was the humor and seeing old faces (like Harrison Ford - that's no spoiler) that brought back memories. We came home pepped up and expected to have a visit from grand-children. Didn't happen. At 9:00PM hubby called grandson saying we thought you were coming by. Tyler thought his stepMom had called to let us know they wouldn't be because out-of-town company had come in. She forgot to contact us.

June saw cardiologist on Monday and was told her heart is functioning at 40% - no wonder she feels awful! He said that since they had to put pacemaker on right side due to her cancer surgery on left, the leads had further to go and it will take about a month to allow everything to heal and when she goes back in January, he will be able to make some adjustments. So that situation isn't any better for the time being. Will be checking in on Dad and June tomorrow.

That's about it for here. I'm taking first week of January off because I have a number of appointments. Have a few ideas for next offerings but am also open to suggestions.

Hope all have had a good Christmas. If you will be going out to celebrate New Year's please be careful. We are going out for Chinese - a tradition ever since husband stopped DJing New Year's Eve parties. After dinner, we will come home to peace and quiet and bring in the New Year gently.

Hugs to all!

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