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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On self diagnosing and freebies

As some of you know, I've been having left hip pain since January. First I self-diagnosed it as fibro and treated it accordingly, Didn't help much. February came with lots of ice and snow and everyone I know with arthritis was having pain so I figured, okay, at my age maybe this is arthritis and I treated it as such. But arthritis strength Tylenol gave no relief, nor heat or anything else I could think of. It would get a little better, then come back, and then it really got worse. Pain from lower back, through left hip, groin, knee and down into the foot! And since right shoulder was hurting too, sleep was difficult. I finally got in to my doctor on Monday. He said I have bursitis in right shoulder, left hip and left knee! Turns out heat is bad for bursitis and can make it worse. Cold is what you use and cortisone. I got to choose whether hip or knee was worse and was given an injection. My hip is feeling better now but left knee is still pretty tender and now right knee is complaining from where I've been shifting my weight. But I'm not complaining; things are improving!
Today I have a couple journal cards for you with some examples. I believe I have an unfinished Easter kit in my stash. Will be looking for that to give to you the rest of the week.

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