Monday, April 27, 2015

Nouveau Spring freebie & other stuff

Some might say I ought to apologize for sort of disappearing for a few days after saying I was going to post some new freebies. But it's my life, my blog so I don't feel a need to do so. However, I'll share what's been happening here. Not much by most people's standards but . . . got my hair cut last week (it was about halfway down my back) and then went back on Saturday for a perm. Saturday was in the 40's, raining and bleak. The stylist cut more layers when she learned how I wanted to be able to just finger comb it out on bad days. I did pretty good during the process until at the end when she was taking the rollers out. Then my neck went into spasm. After about 2.5 hours I was leaving the salon with wet hair, the idea being that letting it dry naturally right off would be likely to help the curl stay better. At home, after it had a chance to dry I found I had curls but not like I've had in the past. Could be change in my hair with so much of it silver. Whatever. I had a major headache from neck spasms and sinus so went to bed for awhile. Yesterday I looked into the mirror in the morning and thought my hair looked like Einstein's! The short layers near my face just sort of hang there; not very flattering. Will wash it tonight and see what I can do with it in the morning. My thought had been to make it look better without having to do a lot to it since it's baby fine. Now I'm thinking how much better it looked after I'd just had it cut - shiny and sleek. Ah, hindsight!
Have also been learning to negotiate the Red Hat Society's website and have tried to get in touch with some of the open local chapters. Have heard from Queen Toni of the Mechanicsville chapter - not local to me but she knows lots of people here in Tidewater and is going to contact some for me. Also got news about the September Funvention in Williamsburg. I've been giving some thought to what sort of red hat I'll have. As I understand it, your chapter gives you a red ballcap to wear until you decide what sort of hat you want to buy or make. My first thought was to make a Victorian ladies riding hat in steampunk style. Still might but now I'm leaning towards something that is probably more me. I have a big teacup collection so why not a fabric teacup hat? It could be on a headband or attached with hair clips on it's underside. I think that would be cute and light.
And I've been working on another kit. I love art nouveau with it's curving lines and focus on both nature and fantasy so that is what is coming next. Today you get zip one.
I'm using colors from the art nouveau flairs I gave you. Link:

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