Wednesday, April 15, 2015

free Touch Of Spring

I'm back! Husband's vacation was uneventful - a staycation for the most part. We did take Dad and June on a drive to Belvedere NC to visit the Layden's family store. The Laydens make the best sausage! It's not all fatty like in grocery stores. This is handmade all the way. My father, who is a picky eater, loves their sausage and it's been awhile since we'd driven down to buy some. His birthday (86) was on the 2nd and he wouldn't let us do anything. Then my husband got the bright idea to go to Layden's. We bought him 10 lbs of their mild links, got 5 lbs for us plus 2 lbs of their special apple sausage links and a little sharp cheddar. Packed it all away in the cooler then went down the block to have lunch at The Nelson House which is a cute Victorian bed & breakfast with a small restaurant and gift shop. Had nice weather for the trip. Back home we all worked to pack up individual servings of the sausage and load in the freezer. Good eating for some time.
I don't have an overall preview but I've got a Spring mini kit for you that I'll be delivering in zips of 1 paper and 2 elements. Here's the first zip:
That's one paper, one bow and one art nouveau button. However, I left the button large - large enough for a flare. You can reduce it down to use a a regular button like I did to put in center of bow. More tomorrow. I'm going to go fold laundry. Hugs!

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Stacey said...

Glad you had a nice week together. that sausage sounds yummy! thanks for the beautiful kit!