Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Treat day 4

So, today I signed for my Medicare Advantage plan to start January 1st. Feel sick over how much my health care will cost this year - not the premium which is reasonable but add in co-pays I haven't had to pay, big deductible and prescription costs higher than previous. Stil, far better than not having any insurance, right? I just better not be sick much this coming year. Sure . . . . Other than that, not much new. Have lots of housework to catch up on now that one holiday is past and I'm feeling better. Then it's making fruitcakes (people really do eat my fruitcake and I have a list of people to make them for) and decorating for Christmas and a little more shopping to do. We are all going to be busy for next few weeks, aren't we? Just isn't going to feel much like Christmas this year without my Jeremy here. I know, grin and bear it Mom, they grow up and have their own lives. Anyway, here is today's treat some Santa themed brads and flairs. They are CU4CU.
You will find it here:

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Stacey said...

these are awesome! thank you! sorry your son won't be able to make it this Christmas. it's hard without family. I pray that you don't get sick in the coming year too!