Thursday, May 8, 2014

Papers 1 for Mother's Day kit

Another day is over and I didn't get much done today. Paid bills and updated checkbook, then got the bright idea that since it was a nice day, I should go outside and trim the rosemary. Last spring or one before I'd bought a small rosemary plant - around the same time we got a few more azaleas for front flowerbed. We had a guy doing yardwork whom my husband had hired because he knew the man needed money. He wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but I do appreciate my hubby's good heart. Anyway, we asked the man to plant the new azaleas and also asked him to plant the rosemary at a location in backyard. The rosemary ended up planted to the side of the front porch and we left it there, never imagining how fast it would grow and in any weather! It desperately needs another trimming, or rather, this time a serious pruning back. So, armed with just the kitchen shears, I went out to trim it. Took a large colander with me to hold the trimmed rosemary to process for use. Filled that thing to overflowing and called it enough, not because the plant was cut back enough but because some of the branches have grown too woody for kitchen shears. Washed all the rosemary and laid it out on a towel on top of stove (it's one of those flat glass ones) to dry. Didn't get any farther until a few minutes ago because I had bad nausea later in the afternoon. So, I just striped rosemary branches for a long time. Once done, I had fingers nasty with sap and chlorophil. Took 3 washes with Dr Bonner's liquid soap to get clean and my hands still smell like rosemary, now with a hint of lavender. Tomorrow I'll set some of the rosemary aside to dry and store for cooking and I'll make a rosemary hair rinse with some of what's left. When I go to hospital on Friday for ultrasound, I'll take along a baggie full for a friend who works there. And that was my exciting day lol.
Now, here is the first link to papers for yesterday's kit: Enjoy!


Deb Burroughs said...

I wanted to thank you for the lovely Mother's Day kit. You got a lot done today, don't sell yourself short!

Mary Presley said...

Gorgeous kit!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!