Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So now I know . . . and free kit

So now I know that some of the pain I've been having in upper right torso is not related to bronchitis. Went for ultrasound and have "abnormal gallbladder" aka I've got gallstones. My primary doctor wanted me to see a surgeon. Sure, gallbladder removal is most frequent surgery done and with laproscopic option, it's a quick procedure and quick recovery. I've been in pain for weeks so I'm ready. But appointment with gastroenterologist isn't until June 30 and that's the consult! But I'm on stand by list for any cancellation. And that's why I haven't been at computer much. Now I'll stop complaining. I do have a kit loaded to 4shared for you though. It's called Friends Forever and was done for a Starving Artist challenge a while back. There are 6 zips, so you will get the first tonight. Here is the preview:
Pick up here: 5 more zips over next 4 days. I'll set them up ahead of time in case I get called away. Hugs!

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Mary Presley said...

Love the colors of the kit!! It is just so pretty!! Good luck with your gallbladder surgery!! I had mine removed about 10 years ago and it was a huge relief once they finally figured out why I was so sick. I will pray they are able to get you in before 30 June... That is a long time to have to wait!! But thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work when you are not feeling well!!!