Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Retired kit freebie

Haven't blogged for a couple days (?) have been out to doctor appointments, errands and such and also catching up and finishing the meditation challenge. On the medical front, lungs are now clear. Had walk test today and had 95% pulse -oxygen which is great. Also learned my blood pressure, which is good anyway, had come down 10 points and I'd lost 4 pounds without trying. Hmm, meditation? Unfortunately, I look like I've gained weight with this bloating. Have the ultrasound for gallbladder Friday morning. Went through this once before years ago and no stones were found so nothing was done. But that was a very painful but short "attack." I hope they can get it right this time. I know even the laproscopic surgery is no picnic, but I just want to get it taken care of and move on.
I've got a Mother's day kit for you. Here is the zip for the elements: Zips for papers to come.


Stacey said...

how awesome about your lungs! life is soo much easier when you're able to breathe! thanks so much for the gorgeous kit!

Dragonsweaver said...

Pretty thank you.