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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Miserable but working - & freebie

It's been days, I know. But I've been miserable health wise with additional complications. Oh well. Anyway, I've been working a little on several things, including a new kit. Had pretty much convinced myself to give up making kits but got hooked by a color scheme and idea and can't seem to decide if I'm finished or not. I started with a swatch that included a coral and while it does indeed work fine with turquoise or blue greens, I just wasn't pleased with it over all. The one stacked paper I made where the coral color was prominent seems just too orange for me. Still, I don't think the paper is bad (& indeed there will be a different color version of it in kit or add on), some people do like orange and maybe someone can use this? Here you go:
You will find it here: Hugs!


Stacey said...

this is beautiful! thank you! I hope your health improves. You'll be in my prayers. haven't had a chance to shop yet, but will before the end of the month. i have several kits picked out that I want already. My hubby wants me to wait till the next paycheck. so I will next friday.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this download...