Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Wonders Now In Store

It's already the second of December! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty quiet. For dinner guests, we had my father and his friend, Miss June, and our eldest grandson, Tyler (15). My husband helped me with most of the cooking and he got up early to roast the turkey, which was one of the prettiest he's done. We enjoyed a traditional meal: turkey, stuffing, gravy, potato salad, kale, cranberry sauce, country ham, and yeast rolls. Of course, there was pumpkin pie and eggnog for dessert later on. Got one bit of bad news over the holiday. My son's girlfriend has applied for financial aid to go back to college and become a laboratory technician and found out the program didn't qualify for aid so she had just three days to pay the tuition. She has some college credits, but from some years ago so will have to do some preliminary work for a semester or two. We're hoping she will find another funding source as taking tuition out of their budget will be difficult now that only one of them is working. A mean cold streak here brought us two unwelcome guests: tiny field mice. There is an open field across the street from my house and this happens around this time every year or so. I don't care how tiny they are, it always freaks me out! Fortunately, we had some glue traps and caught two and I am expecting Terminex on Thursday. The Terminex man will set out a special bait and trap near garage to entice them to go there instead of coming in. On the plus side, Enterprise called and the adjuster came out to assess the damage. I'm told a check is on it's way to us to have the Blazer fixed. The new dryer is in place and is being used. And Christmas gifts I ordered on line are coming in; most have arrived. Still have a few more gifts to buy but the bulk of it is ready for wrapping. Christmas cards have been mailed out. We also managed to roll a bunch of loose change we'd been putting off taking to bank and that deposit was over $100! Digi Style Designs has started our new Create_A_Kit as of yesterday. This one is called Winter Wonders and will run through the end of January. I've added a few things to my shops which I'll show oyu here: I'm working on some papers, overlays, and element packs so keep watching. And be sure to check out all the other offerings in Winter Wonders here:

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Stacey said...

Glad you had a nice thanksgiving! so did we - but I'm still soooo tired - I hosted and with family in town and doing things with them, cleaning, cooking it was a long week. Wonderful to hear you'll finally get your blazer fixed.