Friday, December 6, 2013

A couple more Winter Wonders products & news form homefront

Norfolk can be a weird place to live with temperatures in 20's one day, 70's the next. Everyone here near the bay is experiencing a problem with unwelcome house guests in terms of mice and rats. We're told it's because a hard winter is coming our way. We live across from an open field so when the field mice go looking for a warm place, they visit us. Which really freaks me out! Terminex has been out, after we caught a pair, set bait trap under house & in attic and told us they are staying busy lately with calls and be glad it's just mice. No, I'm not glad it's mice but it could be worse and I shudder to think about that. Anyway, I've also got a company inspector coming out on the 11th to look for possible points of access and fix those. But something else has occured which has drawn my attention away form that problem. There's a sweet lady I've known since I was 5, who keeps company with my father since my mother passed away. They go to doctor visits etc together and communicate every day to make sure each is doing well. My mother actually got this started before she died, telling my Dad he ought to call Miss June and take her to lunch because she felt sure June didn't get out much. It's turned into a real blessing for each of them. But poor June, this time of year has been awful for her. Two of her children died in December, and she slipped on wet leaves and broke her hip a couple years ago. Friday her older sister who had respiratory problems was sent from the assisted living center she's been in about a year to the ER. My Dad called a little while ago to say the sister passed away in the hospital last night. Naturally, June is taking this hard. My husband has been on vacation and will go back to work on Monday. Until then, I'm going along with whatever plans he has. think we'll be wrapping up some gifts tonight. I did manage to finish up a couple more products for Winter Wonders. I've got a set of stacked flannel papers (I love the fell of flannel and it's such a wintery fabric). And also a set of velvet papers that uses the same pattern and includes all the colors of Winter Wonders, so 10 fullsize papers. These are exclusive to Digi Style Designs. Here's hoping for some better news tomorrow!

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Stacey said...

these are really beautiful! I hope you solve your mice problem, but yeah mice are soooo much better that rats - thats scary. I do hope things get better for poor June!