Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Almost Here!

Are you ready for Christmas? I've been cleaning all day and adding things to the "take away" box too. In fact, this one is ready to go out to my car and be taken away.
My dear husband made delicious barbeque for dinner today. Really yummy and such a help to me. He also cooked the eggs for me to make deviled eggs with. Now I wonder if I can ask him to do a couple other little things tomorrow early? Need a few things from the store (like milk - essential) and have 2 small plants that need potting before they die. Just that would be a help.
I still plan to fix the eggs for I go to bed and fold some laundry. Will wait to clear dining room tomorrow after I've baked cookies. Just don't have room for everything so need a place to put the pans that usually live in oven until needed.
Every time today that my back threatened to go into spasms, I'd come in to computer room and sit in my drafting chair under the fan. It rained here today and was a bit cooler, but where is that cold front we were supposed to get? Anyway, while in here, I finished up a few things that I had in the works.
I've decided to offer the border in Cookies & Milk 4 Santa as a freebie in my shop for a limited time. Probably just until Thursday. If you want this
You will need to visit my shop at Digi Style Designs: Merry Christmas!

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